Disruption by Design is a great TEDx talk by Kate Canales, a creative director at frog. Kate focuses on one clear message ‘”Design is not about the thing, it’s about what the thing makes us do”. In any field of design, the focus is not entirely on the object, the space or the ad that you are designing, it’s how people react to it. Take for instance Interior Design, it’s not about aesthetically placing furniture, it’s about orchestrating a life within a space.

Design is and can be practiced by anyone. Kate mentions several examples of disruption; clever workarounds that ordinary people have ‘designed’ when in need.  This needs no further explanation in a country like Egypt where nothing goes right. The concept of disruption mentioned by Kate is known as ‘fahlawa’ in the Egyptian slang, a recent Etisalat Ad has documented several examples of disruption practiced in our beloved country, fascinating!

Kate discusses how these workarounds can be deliberately designed, not just when you desperately need them, but when you want to change a certain behaviour.

Robert Fabricant is vice president of creative of frog design, in his article  Design with Intent Robert compared User-Centered Design with Design for Behaviour Change and explained how the UCD model might not be as great as one might think. Robert argues that “The UCD approach assumes that the primary role of the designer is to choreograph experiences that support the existing needs and motivations of the user, regardless of whether they align with the designer’s values.”  He continues by explaining new design practices like persuasion design, catalyst design, and performance design.