Design with Intent

Packofcards2Design with Intent is a great toolkit created by Dan Lockton with David Harrison & Neville A. Stanton, it illustrates 101 patterns for influencing behaviour through design. It’s a detailed guide to various design interventions which influence behaviour, it’s divided according to different ‘lenses’ like architecture, interaction, error proofing, perceptual and four more. I highly encourage you to download all of the cards, as you might find the general methods useful for other lenses as well.

Still and all, the more I explore behaviour change, the more I tend to feel that it’s very hard to decide upon design models for behaviour change; human behaviour is a very complex area, and day by day either we out smart the limitations imposed to render our bad behaviours, or more influences emerge that adds to the complexity of our behaviours. But it proved to be an emerging design direction that can benefit all stakeholders involved, businesses, users, community, designers, ..etc – if it’s not misused!