5 games designed to influence behaviours

Games are a very powerful influencer of behaviour, simply because they are fun! Here are 5 games that influrnce different behaviours from various aspects.

1- Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is a fitness game for those days when you don’t have enough enthusiasm to hit the track, or for those who would only run in case of a meteor shower! Well no more excuses, Zombies are approaching, Run! This is an extremely fun game, it’s an interactive app that you can download on your smart phone, it has a gripping storyline where you are being chased by zombies and you have to run for your life.

2- Cruel 2 B kind


The Cruel game is an urban game made of benevolent assassins! I couldn’t get my hands on a clear video on the game was played, but the concept is; two teams play against each other, each equipped with a set of deadly acts of kindness like killed by a compliment or slain by a serenade! Would be cool to host one and experience the game mechanics for real. Anyone in?

3- Uplifted

Uplifted is an interactive game with an aim to increase your happiness by reminding you of the good experiences you’ve had or things you are grateful for. The graphics of the game and the overall environment of it is very cheerful and upbeat, and the idea itself is very much needed in our stressful lives. However, the game is extremely hard, i couldn’t even pass level 2! Which of course made me extremely frustrated. Not really what the game designers were aiming for! I hope they are working on a new ‘playable’ version.

4- Free Rice


Free rice is a non-profit game by the United Nations World Food Programme. The game was created for two reasons; to provide education to everyone for free, and help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free. It’s an online word game, for every word you get right they donate 10 grains of rice.

5- That Dragon, Cancer

joel and dad

That dragon, caner is an adventure game, launching in 2014. The game reflects a story of a father, Ryan and his child, joel who is fighting cancer. It’s a game with a cause, based on Ryan’s personal journey the game was designed to share moments of sadness, joy and faith. An empathy game that will show you just a glimpse of the battle that every cancer fighter with the support of his family members faces on a daily basis.